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  • Assisting foreign clients in establishing their presence in the UK
  • Advising on local business customs and conditions
  • Selecting and forming the appropriate business structure (company, partnership, branch etc.)
  • Introduction to bankers and other professionals
  • Preparing a business plan

Overseas clients are offered highly specialised taxation advice which seeks to minimise their exposure to all aspects of UK taxation.  With appropriate advice the UK is virtually a tax haven for non-domiciled individuals and we help clients to take full advantage of the opportunities that are available.

Opportunities to minimise or eliminate tax liabilities are taken wherever possible.  This can involve anything from claiming correct income tax reliefs to arranging an offshore company.  Clients’ tax affairs are reviewed in the light of any new legislation to take advantage of developments.

We will take the initiative to save all forms of tax (income tax, VAT, corporation tax, national insurance, etc.) for businesses and individuals.  Our available expertise extends to outside consultants where specialist knowledge is beneficial.